School Council



Our new school council elected in September 2021

Our School Council is about making a change and a difference.  We are democratic so we bring our ideas and make suggestions to Mrs Daters to help make the school think about others and to help with learning.  Each class elects a specific number of representatives to be a part of the group and the wear a School Council badge to make them easy to identify.  We are voted in for a year.  We discuss a range of topics such as:

  • The school values
  • How to care for the school environment
  • How to take a role in our school community and local community.

The School Council also like to think of ways to help others and how the school can raise money for charities or school funds.  The school takes part in fund raising such as on Red Nose Day.

We meet alternative weeks with Mrs Leafe, taking turns to be Chairperson and Secretary.

The School Council is an important part of our school, because we need a group of children to discuss how we can improve our school community and make it a happy place.