Hampton Class 

Autumn 2021

Star of the Term December 2021


Fun with Magnets!

Summer 2021


Henry VIII Sculptures

Autumn 2020

Steps in Time – Stone Age!


Our morning was very fun.  We learnt the Bronze Age people use tin and copper to make tools.  They ate meat and berries.  We learnt about three ages, Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.


This morning we learnt about the Stone Age and how they used flint to make tools.  Also they had ideas to catch a woolly mammoth.  A mammoth would last the tribe three to four weeks.


In the morning we did our Stone Age learning and Oliver taught us about three Ages.  He pretended to be different people and a mammoth.  My favourite part was when he pretended to be a mammoth and fell off a cliff.


First Oliver, or Alasan, a metal smith talked about how find copper and tin.  He pretended to make bronze by mixing copper and tin.


Stone Age Caves!

Spring 2020


Autumn 2019


Bedgebury Trip

On Thursday morning we went to Bedgebury.

When we got to Bedgebury we were split up into teams.

One was Miss Singer’s group, the other Mrs Holmes’ group and the last one was Mrs Leafe’s group.

We had to use maps and compasses to find the way around and to find numbers and letters.

Mrs Leafe’s group got lost!  So we had to turn around and start all over again.  We didn’t to get finish it, so we had to go back and find the others.  Then we had lunch.

There were ducks around at lunchtime – one had a bandage on its leg and one jumped on Joey!

After that we went to the park.  There was a path that lead us to the tree top walk, but it was closed. There were still other things to go on though.

Ellyse, George, Erin and Fearne played Mums and Dads.  Then it was time to go back on the Minibus and car.  Ellyse, George and Erin went in Mrs Holmes’ car.

When we got back to school it was time for assembly but the minibus was a bit late.

Then it was time to go home.

By Ellyse


Spring 2019

We enjoyed our visit to Notcutts Garden Centre where we learnt all about plants and growing for our Science topic.

Autumn 2018

DT Week

We took part in a Heart of Kent event to remember those who had fallen in the War.  Each solider from the village had their details completed on a poppy and these will form part of a larger display.

Hampton Class visited Kent Life Museum to learn about life in the Stone Age.

Summer 2018


Rainforest Terrariums

Spring 2018

DT Week – Making Bread