Fairlawne Class

Autumn 2021


Star of the Term December 2021

Walking around Shipbourne

The Great Bread Bake Off!

Homework December 2021

Testing liquids viscosity


Welcome to Fairlawne Presentation

PGL information letter


Spring 2020

E​gyptian Day in Fairlawne! 

Fairlawne have been really inspired by their homework this term and here are some examples of their work on Ancient Egpytians !

Summer 2019

A review on the Fairlawne summer play

Water Safety

Spring 2019

A trip to Tonbridge Castle and Parish Church was not hampered by the storm conditions!

A great accompaniment to our history topic.

What a lovely day for a (mock) wedding!

We enjoyed our Farmhouse Breakfast where we planned, brought and cooked local produce from the Farmers’ Market.  Many thanks to the Chaser Inn for helping us cook and prepare our delicious meal!


Autumn 2018

Fairlawne’s Sustainable Learning:

In class over the past few weeks, Fairlawne have been working in groups to create a sustainable city. Sustainable means we avoid using up natural resources. Fairlawne had a big challenge on their hands.

They had to make their cities and plan them with careful thought. Energy had to be renewable such as solar, windmills and hydro. These particular energy sources where used in almost every city. Food was a big choice. The cities could have gardens on their roofs to grow fruit and vegetables or the cities could have a river so they could have fish. Transport had to be sustainable too. This included walking, cycling or using a creative way to make cars or buses sustainable.

The cities had to include buildings too, such as a hospital, police station, supermarket and many other public and private properties. Nature had to be a big part of the city. If it didn’t have nature it would not be sustainable.

Fairlawne also made a charter for their cities. It had to include their aims for the city. The aims had to be based on the main features of the city: energy, food, waste, transport and nature. Fairlawne had a wonderful time planning, creating and sharing.

(Written up by Elisabeth Year 6)

Creative Writing

Fairlawne visited the woods to inspire some creative writing . . 

Sustainability DT

This week we have completed a DT topic.  We looked at the plastic pollution of crisp packets and set ourselves the challenge of making more environmentally friendly versions.


Summer 2018

Windmill Hill Powerpoint information

Golf at Poultwood

Horton Kirby May 2018