Tinley Class (1)


Children spend their Reception year and Year One in Tinley Class, allowing foor a smooth transition from the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the beginning of the National Curriculum. When children enter Reception at Shipbourne School, they are warmly welcomed by the Year One children in the class who help them to quickly settle into the routines and environment. Children are also given a Year Six buddy to assist them at break times, lunch times and on whole school trips.

We provide a mixture of child-initiated and teacher-led learning, the amount of teacher-led learning gradually increasing throughout their time in Tinley Class. The classroom and resources are arranged to inspire the children and encourage their independence. We place a strong emphasis on nurturing the Characteristics of Effective Learning with the aim of igniting a passion that the children will carry with them throughout their time in education.

The class has a different topic each term which allows the Year One and Reception children to learn and discover together. We also observe and respond to the children’s interests to provide a tailor-made curriculum. Children take part in daily English, Maths, Phonics and Reading sessions, with a strong emphasis on practical activities to help develop their knowledge and understanding in a memorable and meaningful way. Science, History and Geography are taught primarily through our topics.

A large amount of focus in class and home learning activities is placed on reading and phonics. Our school follows the Letters and Sounds Scheme, together with actions from the Jolly Phonics programme. In order for you to be able to support your child’s reading, we offer support and guidance, sending home helpful guides and communicating with you about your child’s reading progress in their reading record which is sent home daily.

As well as the academic aspects of learning, children in Tinley class are supported and encouraged to become part of the Shipbourne School community through a number of whole school activities and experiences. The children sit in mixed year groups at lunch times and work together in one of three House Teams. As a school, we place great importance on enrichment and taking learning outside of the school environment with regular trips and visitors throughout the year.


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Curriculum Plans

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