Hampton Class (2)


 Hampton Class comprises of Year 2 and 3, currently seventeen children.  We follow the new National Curriculum, differentiating by year group as well as ability.  We use a range of resources for our learning, but not any one particular scheme.  The class is currently taught by one part time teacher all day Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday mornings, and the Headteacher on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and all day Friday.

Children in year 2 begin the school year consolidating their phonics before moving on to spelling patterns alongside year 3, again differentiated.  Guided reading takes place over Monday to Wednesday, and individual readers are also heard regularly.   All children are encouraged to read for 15 minutes at home daily, and work on spellings and times tables.  They are also provided with mental maths books to take home and are given topic based homework from time to time.

Hampton class learn English and Maths each morning, and work on science, history, geography, PE, music, Computing, Art and Design, DT, and RE during the afternoon.  The focus of learning is often taken from the History or Geography syllabus, providing opportunities to enrich our learning by going on school trips or inviting someone in to talk to us.  DT and Art &Design are often blocked in days.


PE in Hampton Class is on a Wednesday afternoon, with swimming each Thursday afternoon.

Weekly Timetable- HamptClass 18-19


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Curriculum Plans

Two Yearly Curriculum Plan A

Two Yearly Curriculum Plan B

Maths Plan